SPert1200 CYCLONE2

The transistor amplifier "SPert1200CYCLONE" is linear amplifier designed for work in amateur radio-communication systems, on all KF bands, with all emitters, in range from 1,5 to 30 MHz and 50 MHz. It uses highly efficient and silent cooling using heat pipes (copper tubes containing liquid with very low evaporation temperature inside), very efficiently transferring heat to aluminum heat sinks, blown by two 120×120 mm fans.

Antenna tuner SPert1200

AT SPert1200 is designed to cooperate mainly with SPert1200 amplifier. Its task is to ensure proper impedance (as close as possible to 50 ohm) between the amplifier and the antenna. Most of multi-band, compromise antennas do not provide 50 ohm impedance across the entire width of individual sub-bands, which results in inability to work with transistor amplifier or necessity of significant reduction of output power.